Sierra + Trace

Documenting Sierra's wedding was very special to me. Not because the location was amazing, or because her dress was swoon worthy! Although those are both true, what made it even more special to me was that Sierra and her family have been friends of ours for over 11 years. This is significant because her and her family came to our wedding 10 years ago.

November 3, 2007 Sierra and her family traveled to Illinois from Florida to witness our wedding. November 3, 2017 exactly 10 years later I was able to not only witness Sierra's wedding, but to capture every beautiful moment of it! We now share an anniversary! 

Sierra & Trace held their reception at the Jacksonville Zoo, in the Range of the Jaguar exhibit. This was special to both Sierra and Trace because of their love for animals! Trace is currently training at a veterinary office!

Sierra loves to dance and is a ballet teacher! There were sweet details throughout the day to incorporate her love of ballet. Including her sweet students who came to see her get married!

To say it was a dream to photograph is an understatement! It was the most beautiful day! From bridals in the gardens to the Jaguar coming up behind the wedding cake just in time! The carousel they lit up just for the Bride & Groom at dusk. Documenting their gorgeous day was a true privilege!

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