This Is Us | Jack and Rebecca | 70s Inspired Photoshoot

First off let me say that I love being a photographer. I absolutely love capturing genuine moments between couples and families! Documenting milestones and celebrating love. That being said, sometimes I am not as excited about my job. In the era of Pinterest, some photo sessions have become… well, mundane for lack of better wording. Don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest and find a lot of my ideas there. However, I’m noticing a trend of people wanting exact copies or focusing on a “list” of photos for their photo session. Which is fine if you like that, OK great. But, what I’m proposing is that you think outside the box. If you focus on copying someone else’s exact photos you miss the real moments happening within your family. Every couple and family have a different dynamic, different love languages. So what I propose is that you work along with your photographer and come up with a fun out of the box way of documenting your love story.

This is why I love themed sessions. They don’t have to have a lot of detail to be great. This will make your session fun and unique. Not only will you love it but your photographer will too. Especially if that photographer is me!

I would be lying if I said it started out as a This Is Us, Jack and Rebecca, Inspired Session. However, I think it was subconsciously there from the start because I mean just look at these! I don’t usually start watching new shows. I’m a binge watcher of old shows like Cheers, Golden Girls, Friends, you get it. Over and over and over. Then in the third season of This Is Us all of my friends were going on and on about how amazing the show was. So I caved and began binge watching the first season. Then the second, and on to the third. Side note: I do not recommend doing this to anyone. Too many emotions in one sitting! I’m talking ugly crying, can’t breathe, this is so beautiful. The characters of Jack and Rebecca soon became a favorite. They didn’t just show the happy side of life. They shared the pain and the struggles that come, the highs with the lows.

Christopher & Lindsey are one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever had the privilege of working with! I don’t just mean good looking, I mean sweet beautiful human beings inside and out. It was an honor to do their engagement and wedding photography! This past August was their 1 year Anniversary. I proposed to them that we have a little fun and do a theme. I had been wanting to do a 70’s themed session for a while and they loved the idea. So after months of planning we have arrived at this gorgeous session!