Why I recommend a first look.

Don't get me wrong I love traditional weddings and at my very own wedding we waited until the ceremony to see each other. However, there are so many benefits to a first look! 

If you want the most photos possible a first look is the choice to make! You have time for all of the bridal portraits before the ceremony even begins. Then after a few quick family portraits you have time for some more intimate photos of just the new couple! You're both usually more relaxed and no one else is around so these portraits are usually some of my favorites! 

DAYLIGHT!! This year especially I have had many weddings after daylight savings time late in the year and we lose daylight so very quickly! So if you had wanted to get married around say 4, or 5, by the time the ceremony is over, guests are out, and family portraits are over... The sun has set. Leaving no time for outdoor bridal portraits! 

Worried you will miss the emotion of seeing each other when you walk down the aisle? Don't be! There is still so much emotion in the first look! Actually sometimes more! 

Imagine... I take you both out to a named location, then I say okay you can turn around! No one else is too close by. You get to see each other, laugh, hug, cry, kiss. Much more than if you were seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. 

All in all there are many benefits to both! In the end you must take into consideration your circumstances and wants and make a decision together that you`ll both be happy with!